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12 V Power Adaptor 12.5A , Industrial Power Supply 150W

12 V Power Adaptor 12.5A , Industrial Power Supply 150W

    • 12 V Power Adaptor 12.5A , Industrial Power Supply 150W
    • 12 V Power Adaptor 12.5A , Industrial Power Supply 150W
  • 12 V Power Adaptor 12.5A , Industrial Power Supply 150W

    Szczegóły Produktu:

    Place of Origin: China
    Nazwa handlowa: STARWELL
    Orzecznictwo: UL,CE,ROHS, FCC,GS,SAA,C-TICK
    Model Number: ND-R150W-12
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    12 V Power Adaptor 12.5A , Industrial Power Supply 150W



    Short Description:


    > input voltage range: 100~240VAC

    > Power: 150W 

    > output: 12V 12.5A

    > Dimension:225*120*60mm

    > Effiency: 85% minimum

    > Ripple and Noise: 80mV maximum

    > Color: Black or white

    > Weight: 800g

    > AC Plug:  US , EU , AU ,UK plug avaliable

    > Certificate: UL,CE,FCC,GS, SAA,C-TICK,CB,KC certificates.

    > Safety protection: over load, over voltage, short ciruict, open load protection.




    Input Rated Voltage :


    Input Frequency Range:


    Input Inrush Current :

    0.3A max

    Efficiency  :

    85%(MIN)at Rated Voltage


    12V 12.5A

    Output power :


    Ripple and Noise :

    <80Mv at full road with 20MHz bandwidth

    Turn On Delay Time:

    <3S  (AC:110V and full load)

    Safety protection :

    over voltage and current protection.

    Leakage Current:


    USB connector:

    5.5*2.1*10mm /5.5*2.5*10mm

    Operating Temperature:


    Storage Temperature:




    Safety Standard :

    EN60950-1 UL60950-1  ESD (EN61000 3-3)
    CAS (60950 ITE/TE)  FCC Part 15 subpart B Class B
    AN/NZS CISPR 22:2006


    For battery charger, mobile phone, cell phone, iphone etc…



    Model List:



    Model Input Voltage Output Power Output Volt Output current Dimension N.W
    ND-15W 100V~240V 15W 12V 1.25A 70*40*30mm 0.07KG
    ND-25W-12 100V~240V 25W 12V 2A 85*58*38mm 0.16KG
    ND-25W-24 24V 1A
    ND-36W-12 100V~240V 36W 12V 3A 85*58*38mm 0.17KG
    ND-36W-24 24V 1.5A
    ND-50W-12 100V~240V 50W 12V 4A 110*78*38mm 0.25KG
    ND-50W-24 24V 2A
    ND-60W-12 100V~240V 60W 12V 5A 110*78*38mm 0.26KG
    ND-60W-24 24V 2.5A
    ND-100W-12 100V~240V 100W 12V 8.3A 159*98*38mm 0.5KG
    ND-100W-24 24V 4.2A
    ND-120W-12 100V~240V 120W 12V 10A 159*98*38mm 053KG
    ND-120W-24 24V 5A
    ND-150W-12 100V~240V 150W 12V 12.5A 199*98*38mm 0.6KG
    ND-150W-24 24V 6.25A
    ND-180W-12 100V~240V 180W 12V 15A 199*98*38mm 0.63KG
    ND-180W-24 24V 7.5A
    ND-200W-12 100V~240V 200W 12V 16.7A 200*110*50mm 0.8KG
    ND-200W-24 24V 8.3A
    ND-250W-12 100V~240V 250W 12V 20.8A 200*110*50mm 0.87KG
    ND-250W-24 24V 10.4A
    ND-300W-12 100V~240V 300W 12V 25A 215*115*50mm 0.9KG
    ND-300W-24 24V 12.5A
    ND-350W-12 100V~240V 350W 12V 30A 215*115*50mm 0.95KG
    ND-350W-24 24V 15A
    ND-400W-12 100V~240V 400W 12V 33A 260*120*65mm 1.15KG
    ND-500W-24 500W 12V 42A




    Model Input Voltage Output Power Output Volt Output current Dimension N.W
    ND-R36W-12 100V~240V 36W 12V 3A 110*76*45mm 0.3KG
    ND-R36W-24 24V 1.5A
    ND-R60W-12 100V~240V 60W 12V 5A 145*95*45mm 0.45KG
    ND-R60W-24 24V 2.5A
    ND-R120W-12 100V~240V 120W 12V 10A 185*120*60mm 0.7KG
    ND-R120W-24 24V 5A
    ND-R150W-12 100V~240V 150W 12V 12.5A 225*120*60mm 0.8KG
    ND-R150W-24 24V 6.25A
    ND-R200W-12 100V~240V 120W 12V 16.7A 230*140*60mm 1.15KG
    ND-R200W-24 24V 8.3A
    ND-R250W-12 100V~240V 150W 12V 20.8A 230*140*60mm 1.15KG
    ND-R250W-24 24V 10.4A
    ND-R350W-12 100V~240V 120W 12V 30A 245*140*60mm 1.4KG
    ND-R350W-24 24V 15A
    ND-R400W-12 100V~240V 150W 12V 33.3A 245*140*60mm 1.4KG
    ND-R400W-24 24V 16.6A






    For CCTV, tablet pc, router etc electronic device.





    - The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids,

    such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.

    - The mains plug is used as the disconnect device, the disconnect device shall be readily operable.

    - The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.

    - No naked flame source, such as lighted candles, should be placed on the apparatus.

    - Maximum operating ambient for the equipment is 40℃.

    - The apparatus should not be used in a confined space such as a bookcase.

    - This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,

    sensory, or mental capacities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given

    supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their Safety.

    - Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.



    Package information:


    1. Carton box dimension: 480*450*180mm
    2. QTY: 50 pcs/carton
    3. G.W: 11.5 KG




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